Separation  from the world does not mean the Amish don't interact with the outside.  Many Amish children attend public schools.  In areas where there are not one room schools through the eigth grade, they may attend school in their elementary years the homeschooled through the eigth grade.  

Most Amish have bank accounts, shop in town and travel using hired drivers, buses, amtrak and even airplanes. They are not allowed to own cars but can ride in them.

They enjoy public parks, museums, fishing, hunting and boating.  Camping is a favorite activity but usually confined to their own properties.

Many Amish own their own businesses.  These are frequenty based on the farm.  Bulk food stores, furniture making, bakeries and salvage goods stores are found in most communities.  The Amish may also work for non-Amish.  

Granfather and boys near Kalona Iowa 

Shopping for flowers in Arthur 

Boating in Ohio 

Fontana Park, Hazleton IA 

Downtown Arthur   Illinois 

Catching up on the news 

Learning how to drive the buggy 

A girls best friend is  a brother 

On Ponies 

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